Statement of purpose: The Macdonald-Stone Foundation is dedicated to restoring and preserving the heritage of the Macdonald ancestral home “Blinkbonnie” in Gananoque, Ontario. “Blinkbonnie” will be restored and maintained to benefit the larger Ontario, Canada community for cultural, historic and educational purposes.

In 2016-17 the Macdonald-Stone Foundation, a Canadian non-for-profit hopes to purchase and begin renovations of Blinkbonnie at 50 Main St., Gananoque. Blinkbonnie, “beautiful view” or “glimpse of beauty”, in Scots Gaelic, was built by one of the early pioneers, first settlers and town forefathers, Charles Mcdonald. Charles Mcdonald arrived in Gananoque in 1809 and soon after opened the first business in town. In addition, he helped build the first church and school. He built the first Blinkbonnie circa 1812.

Blinkbonnie is a Gananoque, Thousand Islands heritage jewel. By preserving and restoring Blinkbonnie, it will maintain and conserve a piece of the history of the pre-Confederation of Canada as a country. Blinkbonnie has been a testament to the early history of the Gananoque and Ontario regions for 174 years. The building contributes to tourism, employment, community enjoyment, the harbor waterfront area and brings in interested history buffs.

Blinkbonnie has been sold many times over the course of the last 90 years and is gradually becoming an eyesore, resting alone and falling apart on Main St. Each time it is sold it loses some of its previous splendor. Each resale could be the last and eventually it may be torn down if not designated to be saved. Macdonald-Stone Foundation will save the building for the public good and for the future. It is time to make Blinkbonnie a Heritage site and open it to the public! it is time for her to be preserved and returned to her 1920 condition

A Gaelic interpretation of “Blink Bonnie”: A Glimpse of Beauty. Blink Bonnie is the lyrical term in Gaelic for a “glimpse of beauty” or a “beautiful view”. In Gaelic, Blink Bonnie means enchanting, magnificent expanse and splendor of the landscape. To those who spoke Gaelic, such as Charles Mcdonald when he built Blinkbonnie, it had a greater significance. The meaning, to a native of Scotland, is so haunting and indescribable that nothing else but “Blink Bonnie” would communicate its beauty. By naming his house Blinkbonnie; Mcdonald illustrated that he deeply cherished his home, family and Canadian homeland.

Paraphrased from Golfguy46 @ McGregor’s Blink Bonnie Supper Club

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